The Arrow is the replacement for the vanilla arrow.  It is used as ammunition for the Shortbow and Longbow and can be recovered after firing. They have a preset break chance, and can also be used a handheld weapons, dealing more damage than fists. Caution is advised, as these abilities also allow lucky zombies to pick up fired arrows and use them as melee weapons.

Arrows are made in stacks, and the stack size varies by the value of the materials. For example, with a Manyullyn head, you would get over two hundred, but with a Flint head you'd get only eighteen.


Arrows are made in a Tool Station with an Arrow Head, an Arrow Shaft, and a Fletching.  The Arrow Head determines the base damage of the weapon, the Fletching determines the accuracy of the arrow when fired, and the Fletching and Arrow Head add to the arrow's weight.

Each material, listed in order of weight added to an arrow, from least to most:

  1. Blue Slime, Green Slime
  2. Bone, Wood
  3. Cactus
  4. Paper
  5. Thaumium
  6. Obsidian
  7. Stone
  8. Flint
  9. Netherrack
  10. Alumite
  11. Pig Iron
  12. Iron, Ardite
  13. Steel
  14. Bronze
  15. Cobalt
  16. Copper
  17. Manyullyn

The order of this list is for the arrowhead, and in time, the Slime fletchings.

Arrow Shafts

  1. Stick
    • 1x durability
    • 15% break chance
    • 1 weight
  2. Bone
    • 0.95x durability
    • 2% break chance
    • 1.8 weight
  3. Blaze Rod
    • 1.2x durability
    • 8% break chance
    • 0.9 weight
  4. Sugarcane
    • 1.5x durability
    • 66% break chance
    • 0.5 weight


Arrows can be modified similarly to other weapons, but you modify up to an entire stack at a time.  However, only the Sharpness and Fire Aspect modifications are calculated in when it is fired with a Shortbow.  Keep that in mind when choosing how to modify your arrows. Note that adding a Mossy Ball for regeneration on arrows will indeed grant arrow regeneration, although at a very slow rate.


Weight is a complicated stat to understand.  Its primary purpose, above all else, is playing a major role in how far the arrow flies before gravity pulls it to the ground, though it may play some marginal role in damage calculations (insofar as it may effect the fly speed of the arrow) or other yet-unknown factors.


The formula for the final durability is: $ \frac{Head\_Durability \times Shaft\_Modifier \times Fletching\_Modifier}{10}+Shaft\_Bonus $

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