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The Battleaxe is a high-damage tool used to attack enemies or to fell small trees.  It provides high knockback and does a good deal of damage (only directly bested by a Cleaver for any given material) and can chop wood in a 1x1 column 9 high, allowing it to chop down smaller trees in a single use, but lacking the chopping effect of the Lumber Axe against larger trees. It is crafted using a tough rod, a tough binding, and two Broad Axe Heads.

This table shows how much Damage a unmodified battleaxe made of the named material does against unarmored Skeletons:

Material Damage
Wood 4
Stone 6
Iron 6
Flint 6
Cactus 6
Bone 6
Obsidian 6
Netherrack 6
Green Slime 4
Paper 4
Cobalt 8
Manyullyn 8
Ardite 8
Copper 6
Bronze 6
Alumite 8
Blue Slime 4
Steel 8

ToughTable above tested in Donkey Pack (TConstruct_1.6.4_1.5.0d12.1)

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