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The Battle Sign is a joke weapon in Tinkers Construct. The name and description (favored weapon of pigmen everywhere) are references to the YouTuber Zisteau, who has a Zombie Pigman skin and likes hitting people with signs. When shift-right-clicked, it places a battle sign block (similar to the frying pan), which can be written on like a regular sign and shows the material used. It can be broken to pick back up. Note that this uses no durability. Holding right-click with the battle sign will deflect projectiles.

Basic Information Kind of Tool: Lethal Joke Weapon


Damage Reflection  


VS. Creepers
Spawned Creatively
No Modifications

Material Damage
Wood 1
Stone 2
Iron 3
Flint 3
Cactus 3
Bone 2
Obsidian 3
Netherrack 2
Green Slime 1
Paper 1
Cobalt 4
Manyullyn 5
Ardite 4
Copper 3
Bronze 3
Alumite 4
Blue Slime 1
Steel 4

Table above tested in Donkey Pack (TConstruct_1.6.4_1.5.0d12.z1)

Precision Tools Pickaxe · Shovel · Hatchet
Broad Mining Tools Hammer · Lumber Axe · Excavator
Multitools Mattock
Melee Weapons Broadsword · Longsword · Rapier · Dagger
Broad Melee Weapons Scythe
Heavy Melee Weapons Cleaver · Battleaxe
Ranged Weapons Dagger
Ranged Projective Launchers Shortbow · Longbow · Crossbow
Ammunition Arrow · Bolt
Lethal Joke Weapons Battlesign
Utility Tools Chisel
Other Frying Pan