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The Chisel is a tool added by TConstruct that allows for the creation of certain special blocks.


To obtain a chisel, create a Tool Rod and a Chisel Head. Place these parts in the appropriate section of a Tool Station or Tool Forge, and pull out a shiny, new chisel.


In the world, you can hold right-click on a block to turn it into its chiseled form, if one is available. For instance, dirt does not have a chiseling recipe. If you are in creative mode, the block will instantly transfrom. If not, an eating animation will show and the block will be changed.

Note: the animation will show whenever you hold right-click, not just when chiseling a block.

The chisel can also be used in the crafting grid, and is shapeless. Some blocks can only be made in the crafitng grid, such as those using items intead of blocks. See the table below.

Chiseling Recipes (in the crafting grid)
Input Output
Stone Stone Brick
Rough Brownstone Brownstone Road [rough]
Brownstone Brownstone Brick
Brownstone Brick Brownstone Road [smooth]
Brownstone Road [smooth] Fancy Brownstone
Fancy Brownstone Chiseled Brownstone
Obsidian Obsidian Brick [block]
Sandstone Smooth Sandstone
Smooth Sandstone Chiseled Sandstone
Chiseled Sandstone Sandstone Brick
Iron Ingot Iron Brick
Gold Ingot Gold Brick
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Brick
Diamond Diamond Brick
Redstone Redstone Brick
Bone Bone Brick
Slimeball Slime Brick [green]
Gelatinious Slime Slime Brick [blue]
Endstone Endstone Brick
Obsidian Ingot Obsidian Brick [ingot]
Obsidian Brick [block] Fancy Obsidian Brick [block]
Sandstone Brick Fancy Sandstone Brick
Netherrack Brick† Fancy Netherrack Brick†
Polished Stone Brick† Fancy Polished Stone Brick†
Iron Brick Fancy Iron Brick
Gold Brick Fancy Gold Brick
Lapis Brick Fancy Lapis Brick

Diamond Brick

Fancy Diamond Brick
Redstone Brick Fancy Redstone Brick
Bone Brick Fancy Bone Brick
Slime Brick [green] Fancy Slime Brick [green]
Slime Brick [blue] Fancy Slime Brick [blue]
Endstone Brick Fancy Endstone Brick
Obsidian Brick [ingot] Fancy Obsidian Brick [ingot]
Stone Brick Stone Road
Stone Road Fancy Stone Brick
Fancy Stone Brick Chiseled Stone Bricks
Seared Stone Seared Paver
Seared Paver Chiseled Seared Bricks [creeper]
Chiseled Seared Bricks [creeper] Seared Bricks
Seared Bricks Seared Road
Seared Road Fancy Seared Bricks
Fancy Seared Bricks Chiseled Seared Bricks [square]

†Creative only


There is a bug where sometimes when using the right click chiseling method you will chisel a block faster than normal. This can sometimes cause you to chisel a block twice, which is irreversible. It's advised to use the crafting table chiseling method wherever possible.

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