Clear Glass is similar to regular glass, without the blue and white specks over the face of it.  When placed adjacent to each other, Clear Glass will share a single border texture across the entire flat surface. Like all Tinker's glass blocks, Clear Glass will drop itself when broken, unlike vanilla glass. Clear Glass is usually used to make windows that seem invisible.


Clear Glass is made by putting Glass, Glass Panes, Glass Bottles, or Sand in the Smeltery and melting it down. This yields Liquid Glass, which can then either be poured into a Casting Basin to make Clear Glass, or into a Casting Table to make Clear Glass Pane.
Tinkers' Construct Basin GUI.png

Basin Liquid Glass

100 mB

Grid Clear Glass

Clear Glass Pane

Clear Glass Panes can either be crafted from Clear Glass like Glass Panes are crafted from Glass (6 Clear Glass in bottom two rows) or be made by pouring Liquid Glass into a Casting Table. Like Clear Glass, they drop themselves when broken.

Stained Glass

Clear Glass can also be stained by taking 8 Clear Glass or Clear Glass Panes and placing them around the wanted dye in the crafting bench.