Tinkers' Construct Wiki

This is a page for any mods that have uses for Tinkers' Construct.

Compatible Mods

Redstone Stew

  • Copper, Tin, and Aluminum are used in some recipes.

Biomes O' Plenty

  • Amethyst can be used in tools.


  • Buildcraft pipes and storage units can be used to transport and store Smeltery liquids.
  • Item pipes can be used to extract blocks from the casting basin.


  • Chromastone can be used in tools.


  • Cleavers and other weapons with beheading can get more heads from mobs than just zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, player, and creeper.
  • Allows for hundreds of new heads, most from vanilla and players, but many from mods.

Magic Bees

  • Ardite, Cobalt, and Manyullyn Bees produce hard-to-get Tinkers' Construct metals. Requires Forestry.


  • Titanium can be melted down in the Smeltery to make Molten Titanium.
  • Titanium can also be made into tools using Tinkers' Construct methods.


  • Metals can be processed by the Smeltery.

*Needs ExtraTiC and Metallurgy Core to function.

Minefactory Reloaded

  • Adds pink slime tools.


*Needs ExtraTiC to function

Thaumcraft 4

Thermal Expansion

  • Flux Capacitors can be added to tools to make them chargeable with Redstone Flux.
  • Thermal Expansion metals (Ferrous, Lead, Silver) can be melted down in the Smeltery to create corresponding liquids (Nickel, Lead, Silver) and can be combined with other liquids to make TE3 alloys (Invar, Electrum).
  • You can make tools out of TE3 metals and alloys.
  • Itemducts and Fluiducts can be used to insert/extract items and pump fluids in and out of the smeltery.
  • TE Portable Tanks can be used to store molten metals.
  • In  TE4, the alloys Enderium, Signalum and Lumium can also be made in the smeltery and used to make tools.
  • Thermal Foundation required.

Advent of Ascension

  • Metals such as Limonite can be made via the Smeltery.
  • Rosite and Blood Stone are also compatible.

*Needs ExtraTiC to function.

Metroid Cubed 3

  • Chozo Compounds (Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple), as well as Phazon, can be used to make tools.

Draconic Evolution

    • Adds Draconium and Awakened Draconium materials.

Ruby Mod (Megagamers)

    • Adds, you guessed it. Ruby materials

Twilight Forest

  • Adds the metals from Twilight Forest.

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Mystical Agriculture adds crops for TiC Materials (e.g. Cobalt, Manyllyn, Ardite, etc)


Adds molten infinity


Another One Bites the Dust

  • Adds the ability to process previously incompatible Tinkers' Construct metals (Cobalt, Ardite, Aluminum) with IC2's Macerator and TE3's Pulverizer.

Construct's Armory

  • Adds the ability to construct armor with Tinker's Construct parts.


  • Adds compatibility with Metallurgy 2, Natura, Mekanism, EnderIO and more allowing you to make TConstruct tools/parts out of these mods' metals.


  • Successor to ExtraTiC, adds new tools to and integrates various mods with Tinkers Construct.

Iguana's Tinker Tweaks

  • Increases the difficulty of progressing through Tinkers' Construct, but also makes it much easier to upgrade and repair your tools.

Tinkers' Defense

  • This is an inbetween mod for Tinkers' Construct and Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 that adds tinkerable shields for use in the Mine and Blade hotbar.

Tinkers' Mechworks

  • Adds various Redstone related machines, including a Drawbridge and Igniter.

Tinker's Steelworks

  • Adds a new way to obtain Steel.

Tinkers' Tool Leveling

  • Adds a leveling system to Tinker's Construct tools.