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This feature has been removed.

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Mod Tinker's Construct
Thermal Foundation
Description A common metal found in the ground.
Handle Modifier 1.05x
Mining Level Grid Iron Ore.png Iron
Mining Speed 5.3
Base Attack 3
Material Trait(s) Well-Established

Copper was a material in Tinkers' Construct. Copper Ore was found on layers 0-64 and can also be seen in a gravel form. 

You can use Copper from Thermal Foundation as an alternative version. It is one of the good compatible mod with Tinker's Construct.



Molten Copper

Copper Ore

450 °C

Molten Copper: 2 Ingots


Copper Ore and Copper Gravel Ore can be placed within a Furnace to smelt down to 1 copper ingot each. Alternatively, you can place them within the Smeltery, thereby doubling your ingot:ore output. Placing them in the Smeltery will create Molten Copper.

Copper blocks can be used as a beacon base, as well as solid storage.

Removed features

Copper Gravel Ore Copper Gravel Ore

Copper Gravel Ore is found above ground, unlike its normal Stone-based counterpart. Copper Gravel cannot be mined with a Pickaxe, but instead requires a shovel of the same mining level. For more, see the Gravel Ores page.

Copper Oreberry Copper Oreberry

Copper Oreberry is a small bush that can be found in randomly generated caves through mining or caving/spelunking. They require a low light level to produce, but only require a solid block beneath them to be planted. When farmed in large numbers, they can give you an unlimited supply of Copper Oreberries, which can then be smelted into copper nuggets and crafted into an ingot. For more, see the Oreberry Bush page.