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Various Daggers

The dagger is a short blade that can be wielded as a normal weapon, or thrown with right-click. It deals a significantly smaller amount of damage than equivalent heavier weapons, such as the Longsword or Cleaver.


Example of Dagger Creation

You will need a Knife Blade, a Crossbar, and a Tool Rod.

In your Tool Station or Tool Forge, navigate to the Dagger icon, and place the parts in their respective positions. See Tool Crafting for in-depth guide on creating tools and weapons.


Left click to do a standard melee attack, and right click to throw.

A thrown dagger does more damage than a melee attack.[damage ratios needed]

When you throw the dagger, be wary of it bouncing back towards you, and causing you to take damage.

If the dagger hits and sticks on the ground, zombies can pick it up and attack you with it.

(When A Dagger is thrown it elevates 1-2 blocks up in the air, if a target is dead ahead, look down a bit before throwing.)

Since each part used in creating a dagger requires 0.5 of each material used, some may choose to use shards alone to create the dagger.

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