Tinkers' Construct Wiki

"The Hatchet is a basic chopping tool. It is the simplest way to shape lumber." -Skyla

Picture of Iron Hatchet

The Hatchet is the Tinkers Construct equivalent of the vanilla Minecraft axe. It chops wood, leaves, and with treecapitator installed, whole trees. The Hatchet is your everyday house-building, pig-chopping, creeper-killing multi-tool. Use it to chop timber for your little log cabin and to get lunch. Auto-smelt allows cooked piggies and free tree to charcoal conversions.

Basic information

Class: Precision Tool

Effective on: Wood, Leaves, and Trees.

Even though the hatchet is effective on leaves, it won't harvest them as blocks.

Crafting a hatchet

Just like any other tinkers' tool, it is possible to create this tool out of any of the materials available. For a broader view on the stats look here: Material Stats. It is about 75% cheaper than a Vanilla axe and is repairable. To make a complete wood hatchet, you need 1.5 wood. You can also make sticks with any other 0.5 material cost part. It does about 1 point of damage less than a sword of that material (needs research).

The creation of a completely wooden hatchet.

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