Tinkers' Construct Wiki

"The Lumber Axe is capable of bringing down whole trees or clearing large swaths of wood in a single swing." -Skyla

Class: Broad Mining Tool


- Broad Axe Head

- Large Plate

- Tough Binding

- Tough Rod

Natural abilities:

Fell trees

-Harvests entire trees. It has a max height of 50. (30 in the current FTB Unleashed modpack) Trees are defined as Leaves on top of Logs.

Area of Effect

-Mines a 3x3x3 area. This is a fallback if a tree is not found.

Exploits, Bugs, and Specifics:

No Leaves

-The Lumber Axe does not get rid of leaves when chopping down a tree, which means, if you have a tree that doesn't go straight up (like Acacia or Large Oak), you get those pesky hangers until you break the leaves.

Tree-Specific Flaws and Not-Flaws

-On a Natura Redwood, it cuts the regular 3x3x3 area. This is probably to limit the possibility of lag-bombs, as the trees grow far above the cloud layer. However, you can cut out a very wide, maybe decorative staircase using the Lumber Axe.

-On a Vanilla Acacia, if the branch-off is too low, it will just cut one log.

-Somewhat surprisingly, it works just fine on trees from mods that don't have compatibility packs, such as Witchery. This may be because they are based on basic oak structure, unlike Acacia.

Multi-Tree Harvest

-If you plant a row of [oak only???] saplings without space in between, they will grow into a natural wall give enough time. If you cut one of these logs with the Lumber Axe, it will chop down the entire row, which, although slow to grow, makes a very fast, large harvest if you've got other stuff to do nearby between harvests. Note, when using this method, plant the Oak Saplings on a slight ledge, so you can actually get to logs, as these trees grow leaves abnormally low to the ground. The "bush" trees in the jungle are a waste of durability for this item, only dropping one log. So far, I've not tested other trees/tree combinations.

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