- Repairs faster during rain="hiddenStructure"
Mending Moss
Image Modifier-Mending Moss.png
Mod Tinkers' Construct
Description Some moss has grown on the worn out edges of your tool. Enchanting it with some XP causes it to fuse with the tool, restoring it gradually.
Effects - Stores XP picked up
- Max. Amount stored increases with modifier level
- Slowly repairs the tool over time
- Has to be in hotbar or offhand to repair
- Multiple levels

- Repairs faster during rain

Type Single-Use
Stackable Yes
Adds Trait(s) Mending Moss
Modifier Type Tools

Mending Moss is a Modifier for both tools and weapons. It can be obtained by right-clicking on a Bookshelf with a Ball of Moss if the player has 10 or more experience levels. When applied to a tool, Mending Moss will use 1 XP every 7.5 seconds and repair (2 + the level of Mending Moss) durability.

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