Tinkers' Construct Wiki

Miniture Red Hearts have been in many versions, with Yellow and Green added in the 1.5.4 update.


  • Miniature Red Hearts are a droppable item from most mobs and are also found in dungeon chests. They have a 1/200 chance of dropping from a mob death, however using the Luck Modifier or the Looting enchantment the chance of a mob dropping a minature red heart will be increased. This will not affect the number of hearts dropped. The mob does not have to be killed by a player, deaths in a mob grinder may also drop the hearts*.
  • Miniature Yellow Hearts are a droppable item from Bosses from all mods, with a 100% drop chance.Like the Miniature Red Heart, the Miniature Yellow Heart can be eaten to restore 20 health
  • Miniature Green Hearts can only be spawned in through the Too Many Items mod, the Not Enough Items mod, or the Creative menu. They may also be obtained through mods such as HQM and Loot Bags, depending on the config settings. They are not obtainable through normal survival.


The Hearts are used to craft the different levels of Heart Canisters. Yellow hearts can also be crafted down to red.

They can be eaten to restore health as of 1.5.4. The red hearts will restore 10 hearts, the yellow 20 hearts, and the green 30 hearts.


  • MineFactory Reloaded Grinders do NOT collect Tinkers' Construct mob drops
    • Seen in Yogscast Complete Pack (1.6.4), not sure about more up to date modpacks, information would be appreciated.