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"The Pickaxe is a basic mining tool. It is the simplest method of chewing through rock and harvesting ores." -Skyla

Basic information

Class: Precision Tool

Effective on: Stone or rock, ores, and metal.

Special ability: Place. When you right click with the Pickaxe, it will attempt to place the block/item immediately to the right of it on the hot bar. This works with all the normal placement rules for that block/item (doors on the top of a block, torches on a solid surface, blocks on any surface, etc.)

The pickaxe is made as follows: 

Making a full wooden pickaxe in the tool station.

Part information

Pickaxe head

The pickaxe head is what defines the durability, mining speed and mining level. The pickaxe head can thus be called the most important part of the pickaxe. This part makes or breaks your pickaxe experience.

Tool binding

Adding a tool binding will only give it's traits to your pickaxe. Commonly used tool bindings are paper (for writable), obsidian (for reinforced III), stone/netherrack/ardite (for stone-bound).

Tool rod

The handle modifier increases or decreases the durability according to the next formula: (Durability pickaxe head x handle modifier). Note that tool binding is ignored.

Recommended pickaxe parts and builds

Most durable pickaxe: manyullyn pickaxe head, obsidian tool binding, manyullyn tool rod. Modifiers: 1 emerald and 1 diamond as well as an obsidian plate, you can decide for any extra modifiers yourself. This will net in 5250 durabilities for you to use. 

Fastest pickaxe capable of mining cobalt: Cobalt pickaxe head, paper tool binding, and Ardite tool rod. Modifiers: 1 nether star, 1 diamond-gold block combo, 1 diamond block-enchanted golden apple combo, and max redstone. This is a very expensive build, but it nets in WELL OVER a whopping 35 mining speed, you are still able to mine cobalt and ardite as well. That's fast enough to mine a block of obsidian in less than 4 seconds.

When looking for a good mining speed, people tend to use Stonebound materials (i.e. Stone, Netherrack, Ardite). A stonebound tool part increases the mining speed as the tool wears down more and more.

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