Seared Faucet

A Seared Faucet connected to a Smeltery drain, and above a Casting Table.

The Seared Faucet allows a player to pour liquids out of the Smeltery.

For it to work, it must be attached to the output of the Smeltery Drain, and it must be positioned directly above a Casting Table, Casting Basin or Casting Channel. When correctly positioned, right-clicking on the Seared Faucet will pour the lower-most liquid in the Smeltery GUI into the block beneath the Seared Faucet. (A Redstone signal will also trigger the Seared Faucet, allowing automation.)

The crafting recipe is three Seared Brick (the item---not Seared Bricks, the block), in the shape of a Bucket.

Crafting GUI.png

Seared Brick

Seared Brick

Seared Brick


Tips and Tricks

The Seared Faucet is not limited to pouring liquids into a Casting Table, Casting Basin or Casting Channel: It can fill any block that accepts liquids, including the Seared Tank, as well as tanks from other mods. This allows you to empty your Smeltery of excess or unwanted liquids (to, say, prevent unintended alloys) without wasting them. To return stored liquids back into the Smeltery for use, pour the liquid out of its storage tank into a Smeltery Drain, using either a Seared Faucet or fluid piping methods from other mods.

If you accidentally poured less than a full block of metal into a Casting Basin, you can extract it by attaching a Seared Faucet to the side of the Casting Basin, then activate the Seared Faucet to pour the liquid into a tank positioned directly blow.

You can use a Seared Faucet to cast metals directly from a tank, without the need of a Smeltery at all: Simply pour the liquid from the tank into a Casting Table or Casting Basin below, treating the tank as if it were a Smeltery Drain.

You do not need to use a Seared Faucet at all. Fluid pipes from other mods can connect a Smeltery Drain to Casting Tables, Basins or tanks of any kind. (Depending on the features of the mod, this may allow for more effective automation and/or filtering of liquids than the Seared Faucet itself.)