When you first create a world with the Tinkers' Construct mod installed, you will start with a book in your inventory called Materials and You: Volume 1. This book guides you through the creation of the first few blocks that you need to build to get started with the mod.


In total, there are five books that you acquire due to this mod.

The first, Materials and You, is gained by loading a world (NOTE: You will still acquire the book even if you have started the world without the mod installed).

The second is also called Materials and You, but is gained when you build your first patterned block.

The third book, called Mighty Smelting, is acquired when you craft your first set of Seared Bricks.

Patterned Blocks

There are four blocks that will help you in advancing through the Tinkers' Construct mod. All four require the Blank Pattern to be made. They are: