The Stencil Table is the simplest of the four beginning-stage blocks to be created; simply place a Blank Pattern on top of a Wooden Plank. This is an in-world place-able block and, when right-clicked, opens the GUI.



Stencil Table

Blank Pattern

Wood Planks

Stencil Table

Stencil Table (Slab)

Stencil Table

Stencil Table Slab

Upon crafting the Stencil Table (or any other of the four beginning-stage blocks), you will receive the Materials and You: Volume 2 book and the “Tinkers’ Weaponry” book. This is the second of five books that you will receive when using this mod.

Using the Stencil Table

After you craft more Blank Patterns you can use them to make Stencils of different parts that are required to create tools and weapons. For example, if you are trying to get a pickaxe, you would put a Blank Pattern in the left slot of the GUI, click the Pickaxe Head Pattern button, then take it out of the right slot of the GUI. You would then repeat these steps to obtain a Tool Binding Pattern and a Tool Rod Pattern.

All of the possible patterns are displayed at once, to either side of the main GUI. Put blank patterns in the left slot, click on the desired pattern, and click on right slot to make said pattern. All patterns will show, even if you have not yet made a tool forge.


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