Tinkers' Construct Wiki

You probably won't be aware of this if you haven't been following the Tinkers' Construct thread, but mDiyo has stated that Tinkers' Construct is "done" and he will no longer be developing it. While the Slimeknights (I've never figured out, is that one guy or a team?) will continue updating and bugfixing, it seems that our favorite mod has come to an end.

Now this may not be as dire as I've made it out to be. It may be that mDiyo is simply stepping down as head of the team, and (the) Slimeknight(s) will probably add more content in the future, but mDiyo did make it seem that there's not much coming for the future.

However, so much is left undone! The Exo-Armor seems unfinished, fishing poles were promised and never added, and the Diary of a Tinker suggests lots of future additions. So, here's a list of stuff I (or we, if anyone wants to join me) want to be finished or added in future updates.

1. Exo-Armor. You hung us out to dry on the Drying Rack (I mean, on that), mDiyo!

2. Customizable Carts. They're hinted at in the Diary of a Tinker. I think they'd be awesome (like a low-tech Steve's Carts)!

3. Fishing Poles. Shears are covered by Scythes, as are Sickles, Hoes are covered by Mattocks, but Fishing Poles are covered by...nothing.

4. Longbows. Honestly, why call something a Shortbow unless you're planning to add a Longbow?

5. Get rid of Aluminum. I was talking to mDiyo on the Minecraft forums thread, and asked what the point of Raw Aluminum was. Apparently, it was for Xycraft integration, but he agreed that it was weird and also said that he had planned for some time to change Aluminum to Zinc. (All nuggets/ingots/blocks would be converted directly, as in same IDs, like when Roses changed to Poppies, while Raw Aluminum would change to Zinc Ingots. Alumite would be renamed Zarcon, and Aluminum Brass would be renamed Brass.) This hasn't happened. I'm not saying it has to, but at least change/remove Raw Aluminum!

6. Finish the armor tabs. Of all those weird things- the mask, the necklace, the pendant- only two (the Knapsack and Canister) were finished. Finish ALL the things!

More to come as people discuss!