Okay, so as I'm writing this, I've just finished the Smeltery template. It was a bit more difficult than expected, but I'm happy it works. But, more importantly, I felt the need to explain how to upload and format pictures of items for use on the templates. I also thought it might be useful to give a little tutorial on how to add templates.



Now, the first step if making sure the formating of the picture on your (the reader's) Hard Drive. Listed below are the needed guidelines, If these are not followed, then the picture will not work right with the templates (Currently: Crafting, Smelting, and Smeltery) and/or I will get angry at you:

  • The file must be 32 px by 32 px. Most of Minecraft's sprites are 16 by 16, so you will have to enlarge them. Easiest way I've found is with Paint. Just select all, right-click and do 'Resize'. Then change the percentage to: 200%. Simple. Don't worry about the Liquids, I've got them covered.
  • The file must be of the actual item. If you upload something that is NOT of the refered to item, then...screw you.
  • The file must have a transparent blackground, or 'Alpha'. The background color should be transparent. This shows up as a grid of gray white for GIMP and Photoshop. You cannot make transparent backgrounds in Paint.


Uploading has less requirements to allow the templates to work and/or allow me to remain calm. They are:

  • The file must have the phrase 'Grid_' in front of the name. This allows the template to reference it.
  • The file must have underscores ('_') instead of spaces ( ). It just does. Moving on.
  • The file must be named simply. I.E. If you ar euploading the Aluminum Ingot sprite, it must be named: 'Grid_Aluminum_Ingot', it helps everyone when you do that.


And that's how you upload the pictures. I would continue explaining how to do the templates, but I'm going to Lunch and Class, so have fun!