Tinkers' Construct Wiki

Note: Posting this mostly for Master_Wight's use, but others could look at it and agree or disagree.

So, as Master_Wight has pointed out, he would like to become the official Admin for the Tinkers' COnstruct wiki, mostly due to the abscense of the MrrGingerNinja (The starter of this Wiki, without whom this wiki wouldn't exist).

I, still being in school, do not want to take on the responsibility of having to care for the wiki, and so I am perfectly fine with Master_Wight becoming the Admin.

I am, though, interested in becoming a moderator. Now even if this position doesn't truely exist, it would just serve as representation of a higher status to the regular contributor. (ARGENTUM2 probably deserves it also, s/he's contributed quite a bit, too.)

Plus, I've had experience with tending forums, so tending the wiki should be easier (Since I wouldn't have to childish debates.)

All in all, it wouldn't change anything, but it would give me (Or us) recognition at frequent contributors who positively impact the wiki.

Plus, I've got lots of free time.